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    Special Effects & Video

Special Effects & Video Hire

ESL Technical Services offers a range of special effects and video systems available for hire.

Special Effects

We have a wide range of special effects to compliment any event, from Pyro-technics to fireworks and searchlights.


Holding an outdoor event, why not advertise your presence? Add a Sky Tracker Searchlight to throw beams over the surrounding sky. Our Searchlights are stand-alone units capable of running from generators if no local power is available. We will handle all the paperwork with the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to gain the relevant permissions for using a Searchlight in British air space.


Why not add something special to your Festival, Live Band or Event? We can advise you on the range of products available for indoor or outdoor use from Le Maitre and other manufacturers suitable for your event and supply the Pyrotechnics and control equipment to add that extra little sparkle to any event.


Our standard range of Fireworks displays are set to euphoric classical music featuring our modular Festival Sound System although we can consider music of your choice if we can match the fireworks with the music. The Fireworks display lasts between ten and twenty minutes, the actual duration is largely dependent on the budget available. If no local power is available we can supply a generator to run the PA and the ignition system.
Due to the safety issues surrounding fireworks displays we require an on-site client meeting before we are able to make any proposal and quotation for a Firework display as in a small number of cases it is not possible to safely carry out any form of display and in some cases the Firework display may be restricted to certain types of product. All of this will be discussed at the site meeting.

Video Systems

Our video services includes video projection system hire and video recording services of your event.

Video Projection

Our Video Projection systems are designed to enhance the visual impact of your event. All our indoor systems feature full HD Video Projectors to provide crystal clear IMAG images. For larger scale events we provide a range of LED screens designed to meet you requirements and handle the bright sunshine which can occasionally cause problems.

Video Recording

Subject to copyright approvals we can produce a Video Recording of your Festival, Live Band or Event. The Video Recoding is shot in full HD with a suitable number of cameras and the video data files together with the multi-track audio files are then made available. We provide an audio mix-down service if you require a stereo audio master however we do not provide a video editing service and hence we make all the raw image files available for your use.

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